Digital Coloring Books Count, Get Over It

Posted in News on April 15, 2017

Colorists who use digital coloring books for adults are being unfairly criticized. Digital colorists are getting a bad rap in online coloring communities. For one reason or another, a large part of the community feels that coloring apps are somehow less legitimate than physical coloring books. I've seen digital colorists called "cheaters" online, and the Read More »

Coloring Books Are Disappearing From Bookstores

Posted in News on February 14, 2017

Coloring books are disappearing from bookstores.

Coloring books seem to have peaked in the eyes of the big bookseller chains. Stores that used to have shelves and shelves of coloring books have slowly but surely been reducing their inventory. Coloring book sections have become coloring book shelves, and coloring book shelves have become coloring book rows. Every day, the choices are Read More »

Mandala Coloring Books: Everything You Ever Needed To Know

Posted in News on January 14, 2017

Mandalas are one of the most popular designs for coloring books today. It's estimated that roughly 64.8% of all coloring pages feature mandalas (statistic made up for purposes of this article). But where did this art form come from? Why are they such a mainstay of the coloring world? Why are they so darn fun Read More »

Art Theft is Killing Adult Coloring

Posted in News on January 23, 2016

We've all seen them. The Pinterest accounts full of coloring pages. Beautiful illustrations with absolutely no source information in the pin description. You find a few pictures you'd absolutely love to color and think, "Huh, if only this user went the extra mile and included the source. I'd really love to color more pages by Read More »