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Color Intensity: 5

Color Variety: 4.2

Life Span: 5

Comfort: 4.8

Price: 4.3


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ColorGaia's Copic Ciao Markers Review

Copic Ciao markers are premium-quality, alcohol-based art markers. Of the four types of Copics, Ciaos are considered the entry-level marker, despite their relatively large price tag. Still, these markers are well worth the expense, as they are artist-level quality and can be refilled an infinite number of times. Consider the longevity of the markers when looking at the price.

The Ciao has a round body that is thinner than the brand's other markers. It fits nicely in smaller hands, and is comfortable to color with for longer periods of time. As the smallest Copic marker, they hold the least ink. However, a Copic Various Ink Refill can refill a Ciao marker up to fifteen times.

Like some of its relatives, this marker is double-ended. The Super Brush nib has a flexible, pointed tip that is reminiscent of a paintbrush or brush pen. The Medium Broad nib is on the other end of the marker. This is a firmer, angled, chisel tip that is useful for calligraphy and sweeping strokes.

There are 180 different color choices in the Copic Ciao line. While this is a large selection, it is actually the smallest that Copic offers. Their Sketch line boasts 358 color choices.

Like other alcohol markers, these are especially suited towards blending. Different shades can overlap to create beautiful color gradients you can't get with other types of ink. The result is an amazing color transition that can be even more impressive than the finest colored pencil blends.

Copic markets this particular market to children and beginners in Japan. It is a great entry-level marker that packs a huge value for a budget price. Coloring with these markers is a joy, and since they are refillable, they will last for years if properly maintained.

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