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Color Intensity: 5

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Life Span: 4.6

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Price: 4


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ColorGaia's Copic Sketch Markers Review

Copic Sketch Markers are a top-of-the-line alcohol-based art marker. If you're looking for the ideal coloring marker, you've just found it. With an absolutely massive selection of colors, a refillable ink cartridge, and the highest-quality materials, these markers can't be beat.

Copic is known for making art supplies that are used by professional artists and illustrators all across the world. These are the same markers that professional comic book artists use to bring their characters to life. You'll find these markers in the offices and workshops of top designers everywhere.

This quality is visible in the cost, however. Copic Sketches are not cheap. However, when you factor in the quality, combined with the fact that these refillable markers are capable of lasting your entire life, the price seems much more reasonable. Luckily, these markers can be bought individually and in smaller sets, allowing you to build up your collection over time.

The Sketch line has the largest variety of any Copic marker - 358 colors in total. This dizzying array of colors is enough to beat out most colored pencil brands. This means that whatever color you are looking for, there is a Copic Sketch marker to match. Your color options are closer to unlimited than with any other marker.

These markers have a coloring tip on both ends. Each one is different. The Medium Broad that comes standard on one end is a chisel tip. It is a bit firmer, and it is angled so that you can vary the width of your line by turning the body of the marker. It is useful for calligraphic-type work.

The Super Brush nib, found on the other end of the marker, is more flexible. Like a paint brush, this tip comes to a uniform point and will flex under pressure. This tip allows you to blend your colors in a similar fashion to watercolor paints.

While these markers are slightly more expensive than Copic's budget option - the Ciao - these markers have nearly twice the variety of colors. If you are planning on building a collection, or simply want the best that Copic has to offer, the Sketch is the marker for you.

Both are fantastic markers, but the Sketch is really the top of the line. Despite its seemingly-large price, this marker is built to last a lifetime and is an excellent value for the quality. Once you start coloring with these, you'll never want to go back.

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