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Before you begin, there are some things to know. We get a lot of colorists eager to submit free pages they've found to our database, but we must ask that you only submit work that you have created, or work that has been expressly permitted to be freely distributed by the creator. This database is about giving coloring page artists proper credit for their work and prevent theft. The last thing we want is to include a page against an artist's will, intentionally or not.

We ask all submissions to include an email address, just to have a point of contact in the event that anything goes wrong during our verification process. You won't be sent promotional materials from ColorGaia (unless you've also signed up for our newsletter) and we will likely never contact you unless there is a problem with the submission.

At this time, we are currently only accepting PDF file submissions with an 8.5 x 11 aspect ratio. If you can only supply another format for your coloring page, priority may be given to PDF submissions, delaying your coloring page from entering the database.

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