The Ultimate List of Colored Pencil Brands for Adult Coloring

Like many of you, if I'm not coloring, I'm usually drooling over colored pencil sets and the like online. The sheer number of different brands and types can make your head spin, and I find myself shifting wildly back and forth between an eager excitement and paralyzing indecision. I have to say, the following list probably isn't going to help solve that problem. If anything it's going to make it more difficult to choose your next pencil set! Regardless, I thought I'd spend my time on Amazon productively (for once) and bring you this list of colored pencil brands.

The Best Colored Pencils According to Your Fellow Colorists

So this is by no means a complete list of colored pencils available throughout the world. Not even close. These are just the brands a single person was able to compile in one night of online searching. There are many other store-specific brands, regional brands, and small suppliers that won't be covered in this list. Still, I'll be pretty surprised if there's a person who has had experience with every single one of these colored pencils!

You can click on the links for Amazon reviews and pricing information, and even cast votes for your favorite colored pencil (or against the ones you hate!)

The List