The Ultimate List of Art Markers for Coloring

The Ultimate List of Art Markers for Coloring

Using markers for coloring is a lot of fun. They lay down rich, vivid colors faster and easier than colored pencils. They also cover a larger area with each stroke than gel pens or pencils. The result is a very crisp, professional look in a shorter amount of time (after some practice).

There's definitely a learning curve to coloring with markers, especially if you are used to colored pencils or gel pens. Overlapping strokes are more noticeable with markers, for example. Still, I know most of the finished pages I see online that really blow me away are the result of coloring with high-quality markers.

Need some good markers for coloring? See which ones your fellow colorists love and hate!

There are a ton of different markers out on the market. Some have dual tips for different stroke weights. Some have refillable ink cartridges. Some are specifically designed for blending or fading. This list doesn't come close to listing all the different markers that are available. However, you should be able to find some of the most popular options and get an idea of how others feel about them.

You can click on the links for Amazon reviews and pricing information, and even cast votes for your favorite marker (or against the ones you hate!)